Friday, September 18, 2009

Stay Tuned - Returning to Buenos Aires in January

Greetings All -

Our plans are all set. We will be arriving back in BA mid-January and staying in the same area of the Recoleta. This will be our third long term stay in BA and we are so looking forward to catching up with our friends and enjoying all the great things Buenos Aires and Argentina have to offer.

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  1. Hey, I went to Buenos Aires last year and let me tell you that the Ecological Reserve and the Botanical Garden are one of the most beautiful places. After doing some research to rent apartments buenos aires I found one in Recoleta too which was near the Recoleta Cementery and the downtown. It is a magical city and people there is really nice. It is called the Paris of South America and there is a reason for that. Buildings and streets are classy constuctions and some of them pretty luxurious.
    Had a great time!