Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blog Post 20: Feria de Mataderos & the Long Good-bye

April 5 - 11

It’s Sunday and we take an hour-long bus ride across the city to the Feria de Mataderos (Fair of the Matadors).

It's held every weekend and it’s more a local than a tourist fair. There are gauchos with horses,

music and dancing,

stalls with local crafts that go on forever,

and, of course, all kinds of fair-food (like cotton candy and popcorn-covered jelly things!).

David’s favorites are, of course, the empanadas!

After walking the entire fair, which takes a few hours, we grab a table outside and dine al fresco. Our meal is just okay, but the people-watching is a blast. And before we head back, David wants to make one more loop around one section of the fair. We do and there, standing by the empanada stand buying lunch for her family, is our friend Gabriela from the Melody Cafe!

This is truly amazing because the fair is huge, so to run into someone we know is miraculous! She introduces us to her family and, after chatting (in Spanish) for a few minutes, we begin the long walk back to the bus stop.

And so our last weekend in Buenos Aires comes to an end.

Now there’s not a whole lot left to do but have friends over for a “clean-out-the apartment” party, since we're storing our stuff with them in BA until next year.

We have a few more lunches with friends, spend an evening at a milonga (tango club) watching Angela dance, and I have my last art class. For those of you who've asked me to post what I've been working on, here it is:

It's not perfect...but I'm happy with it. Unfortunately it's still wet, so I'm leaving it with Kevin and will pick it up next year.

We had a great time here this year. We loved doing the blog…and loved getting lots and lots of emails and comments from all of you blog-followers. Thanks for connecting with us regularly…and thanks to all our blog-stars for making our stay so memorable!

Adios amigos and amigas! Hasta el proximo ano...until next year.

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  1. Oh dear, I'm sad, too. Can't imagine how you must feel. Did you buy any last minute memorabilia at the crafts fair? The gauchos on their horses look quite sexy, as does David in his new "do", of course. Your painting definitely catches the spirit and the colors of BA, Barbara. I like it. Listen to me - never having been to BA, but I feel like I know it. Off to a meeting in HR, of all places. Enjoy your last hours there. Don't be too sad. New Mexico and your garden and friends to look forward to plus next year. The time will go by quickly. Love, annette