Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog Post Number 9: Palermo Chico & More

February 28 – March 1
On Saturday we make a major decision…we’ll stay in the apartment. The landlord has arranged to clean the carpet and we plan to buy stuff to “accessorize”. Kind of like making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear or, in this case, maybe a polyester purse.

We take a 3+ hour walk down Avenida Figueroa Alcorta, past the Floralis Generica, a giant sculpture that opens and closes with sunrise and sunset. We have yet to see it at night but have been told that it is wonderfully lit.

through Palermo Chico with it’s large lavish homes and very detailed architecture

around the Tres de Febrero Park and gardens,

past the polo field, the casino, the Hipodromo Argentino and the racetrack,

and end up at Kansas (our second visit to this great restaurant) for a late lunch (5:00pm). And I mean late…we’re just about the only people in this really large restaurant, except for some stragglers from a normal lunch hour!

On Sunday, Jim comes over and we all go for a light lunch at a local parilla. There’s an unexpected downpour so we taxi to Palermo Hollywood

and walk around the local flea market (the Mercado de Pulgas; literally, the market of fleas).

We don’t buy anything, but do spend 30+ minutes chatting, mostly in Spanish, with Susanna, who runs one of the stalls.

People we’ve met are incredibly friendly and those that have some knowledge of English love to practice, while David gets to practice his Spanish.

Then we head over to Sarkis, an Armenian restaurant, for dinner. Halfway there, it begins to pour again. With only one small umbrella between us, we stop often and stand under awnings to stay dry.

We are a bit early for dinner, so thankfully we are able to sit under an awning while it is pouring rain until the restaurant opens.

The days fly by. We plan very little ahead of time…but they fill up spontaneously and before we know it, it’s 8:00p, or 11:30p, or 2:00 a.m.

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  1. Hi there - So I think you should have bought one of those chandeliers at the flea market to "accessorize" and brighten your apartment.
    And, when are we going to see one of Barbara's new style "bold" paintings on the blog? We impatiently await the art opening. Let's see what's happening in my life. It's Saturday morning. I just came back from taking the cat to have her nails trimmed - such an exciting experience - listening to her cry in the car there and back. And, now I'm off to the bank and the dry cleaners. Going to throw the laundry into the dryer before I go. My life just fills up in an unplanned way as does yours. So exciting. You can see why, sadly, but importantly, your blog fills a big space in my life. Annette