Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Post 16: Abasto, Puerto Madero & Plaza San Martin

March 20 – 21
Friday and Saturday are quiet days…leisurely breakfasts, dinners at home (3 in a row, in fact – a record!!). We often try to make lunch the big meal of the day, and these 2 days that is what we’ve done.

We stay in the Recoleta on Friday, but on Saturday we take the bus to the Abasto shopping mall, a former fruit and vegetable market. Built in the 1930’s, it still retains its original art deco facade. It’s very impressive with its soaring ceilings and 3 story-high arched windows.

It’s one of several modern shopping malls in the city, complete with the largest food court I’ve ever seen (including the only kosher McDonalds outside of Israel), a 12 screen movie theater, a carousel, and three floors of stores.

March 22 – Sunday
It’s the 1st day of autumn…oh my gosh. I wonder if that means I can no longer wear white (kind of like Labor Day at home?). If that’s the case, my wardrobe has just been severely compromised!

We’re off to the port area, Puerto Madero, for lunch at one of the many Italian restaurants on the River Plate. The old warehouses have been recycled and the cobbled walkways retained. It’s the last neighborhood in the city to be built up; remodeling began in 1991 and is still going full speed ahead.

There are also wonderful old buildings to see like the customs house

and more.

On the way home, we stop at Plaza San Martin

to see the United Buddy Bears exhibit – each is 2 meters tall and represents 140 countries recognized by the United Nations,

the fabulous wrought-iron gates of the Military Circle (club for retired military officers),

and the Palace San Martin.

March 23- 25
What a relief – women are still wearing white (maybe that’s because it’s still 80-85 degrees?).

We spend time outside, we occasionally run into people we know (that hardly ever happened to me in Boston!), and then we meet Ana and Jorge at a local parilla for dinner where we also celebrate the birth of their new grandson (earlier in the day).

Stay tuned...more tomorrow.


  1. OK, maybe it is just me, but the Buddy Bears are rather scary-weird...

    -Laura P

  2. Hi - Good thing you're getting out of there soon. This whether to wear white thing is very troublesome. Perhaps, a new wardrobe is called for. Better write to those TV people who trash one's entire wardrobe and give you money to go out and buy all new. Except, they have to approve the new purchases, more or less. Maybe, you can get on. It's so obnoxious, it's fascinating.

    Unlike Laura, I rather liked the Buddy Bears - thought you should bring one home for the front yard. On the other hand, I think they're a strange mascot for United Nations - what's that history?

    I love the combination of the architecture and color in that city - endlessly pleasing and fascinating. Thanks for the continuing pictures.

    What did you do yesterday?